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(Only Users who purchase Stuff count,not only Sign-Ups)

The "Invite your friends" system has no limits: you can invite an unlimited number of people and earn unlimited money per day!

How it works / How to start:

1. Sign Up and log in to
2. Click on the "Affiliates" menu.
3. Copy your referral link from there and you are ready to invite Users and Earn!
4. Send this invitation link to as many people as possible, get 20% of all expenses from your invited users !!

You can use any method you want, Social Media Platforms, Blogs, Backlinks, you can also just dm people on Instagram or Tiktok and ask if they need cheap Views/Likes, the way you do it is up to you!

You have your own Dashboard in the section "Affiliates" 
you can check:
1. how many people have you invited
2. how many have registered
3. how much they spend
4. How much you earned!

Withdrawal / Cashout :

Minimum Withdrawal is 10$, you can withdraw your money instantly at any time!
You have 2 options with your earnings:
1. You can pay it out (withdraw it), which means that we send it to you on:
Bank, Credit card, Wise, Skrill, Paysend or Crypto

2. or you can use it to buy services yourself at

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For any questions, please contact us on Telegram: @official_level_upp
or: WhatsApp icon in the lower-left

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