How to start our Free Affiliate Program:


Register and log in

Start with signing up and then log in to your account.


Visit Menu:  "Affiliate Dashboard"

Copy your Ref. Link from there


Invite as many People as possible

Blogs, Websites, Social Media you can send your Invite Link to anyone!


Make Money , and Cashout!

Every Single Deposit made from the People you invited, you will get 20% from it! and later 30% if your Sales increase!

Ready to earn passive income? 💰💰

The easiest System to make money online! All you need, is to send your Invite Link to People, who are interested in buying Cheap Real Likes, Follower, Views, Subscriber for any Social Media Platform!

or better: if you have a big Audience for example on Blogs Posts, Website and so on!

We offer the fastest and best Quality Services Social Media Services and Instant Delivery!

We pay you out using this methods: Payeer, Bank Transfer, Credit card, Wise, Skrill, or any Cryptocurrency you wish! - you can withdraw your your Earnings instantly any Time!

You will earn in Dollars (USD) - but we pay you out the equivalent amount in your local Currency! So it doesnt matter from where you are!



Bonus 1:

Every Time the Users you invited, with your unique Invite Link, deposit any amount to buy our Social Media Services... , you will automatically receive 20% of that amount! (later 30%!)

FOR LIFETIME on every Deposit/Sale! (not just on their first purchase!)

means you invite just once, and earn for the rest of your Life from the Deposits/Sales of the People you invited!


in simple words: you invited one person and this person buys likes for every post , you get 20% of every deposit he does! so if he spends 1000$ per month , you get 20% =200$ per month from one single Invite - and for 10 Users who spend monthly 1000$ = 2000$ for you Monthly Passive Income  !!

not only that ! the more Sales your invited Customers do, the higher your Commission!

It gets up to 30%!!

The "Invite Users" system has no limits: you can invite an unlimited number of people and earn unlimited money per day!

Bonus 2:

if your Sales are > 5.000$/month you get 25% Commissions!

Bonus 3:

if your Sales are > 10.000$/month you get 30% Commissions!



Earn Monthly 5.000-10.000$ , Only using your Phone/Pc

You earn 20% from all Deposits of the Users that Signup through your unique Invite Link and buy stuff,  For LIFETIME!

Easy to earn 100-500$ per Day, from Home!

What do we offer? (for the Users that you will invite)

Cheapest Social Media Services!

Instant Delivery!

Likes, Views, Comments, Subscriber, Follower, and more! for:


Facebook, Pinterest & much more!

Prices start from 0.1$!


How it works / How to start:

1. Sign Up and log in to

2. Click on the "Affiliates Dashboard" menu.

3. Copy your referral link from there and you are ready to invite Users and Earn!

4. Send this invitation link to as many people as possible, get 20% (at start) of all Deposits/Sales from your invited users !! later 30% if your Sales went up!

You can use any method you want, Social Media Platforms, Blogs, Backlinks, you can also just dm people on Instagram or Tiktok and ask if they need cheap Views/Likes, the way you do it is up to you!


You have your own Dashboard in the section "Affiliates Dashboard"

you can check (after signup & Login) :

1. how many people have you invited

2. how many have registered

3. how much they spend

4. How much you earned!


Withdrawal / Cashout :

You can withdraw your money instantly at any time!

You have 2 options with your earnings:

1. You can pay it out (withdraw it), which means that we send it to you on: Payeer,

Bank, Credit card, Wise, Skrill, or any Cryptocurrency you wish!

2. or you can use it to buy services yourself at

Important: Users who try to missuse this Feature, by inviting themselves to get 20% of their Funds back, will be Banned from our Affiliate Program!



IMPORTANT: any fraudalent activity such as using Stolen Credit Cards, or misusing this feature in any way like inviting yourself, will lead to a BAN from all our Programs!

You dont want to invite People? get your own Reseller Website with all our Services and your Prices, custom Design and Logo!

You don't want to earn 20% from sending your invite link to people? Try our newest Feature there you get your own pre made website with all our services and you can double or triple the prices and resell all our Services automatically! (Login > Menu > "Child Panel")


or: You can also hire Resellers, and you get 10% Commissions from all Revenue your Invited Resellers do! (they also get -20% on all Services to make more Profit) - we just need the username of the Resellers you invited!

For any questions, please contact us on Telegram: @official_level_upp

or: WhatsApp icon in the lower-left

Note: (Manual Payments are not included in Commission)