Terms of Service

Services Speed/Double Order

Important: 80% Of our Services start instant ! you will immediately see an increase in Views/Likes/Follower.. BUT: some Services start within 24h from Order Time! Dont panic if its not instant once , if there is any issue and the Order is not Deliivered we do Refund you!

If you want to use the same service for the same link more than once, please wait for the first order to reach the [Complete], [Canceled] or [Partial] status, before placing the next order!

Do not enter the same order twice before the first one gets [Completed], [Canceled] or [Partialed].

Two different Services, on the same Link at the same Time is no problem.

Refund Policy

1. There are no refunds after a deposit was made. There is no way to reverse it.

2. You must use your balance to execute orders on LevelUp.

3. You agree to the fact that once a payment is completed, you will not open dispute or a chargeback against LevelUp.

4. If you file a dispute or chargeback, we reserve rights to cancel your all future orders, ban you from LevelUp and remove all social media services delivered to you.

5. We will not allow fraudulent activity such as stolen credit cards, unauthorized activity on our website and such accounts will be suspended.

6. LevelUp is designed for Social media resellers worldwide.

7. There are no refunds for completed orders.

Privacy Policy

We keep your privacy safe and do not publish or sell your information to any other companies.

We only take details such as email, username only to complete orders!